Revlon Professional Nutro Color Creme 200 Violet -  100ML

Revlon Professional Nutro Color Creme 200 Violet - 100ML

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Experience the ultimate hair transformation with NUTRI COLOR Creme, your go-to solution for reviving, enhancing, and nourishing colored hair. Here's why it's a must-have for your beauty arsenal:

  • Ammonia and Peroxide-Free Formula: With a commitment to hair health, our formula respects your hair's integrity, ensuring a gentle yet effective coloring experience.

  • Semi-Permanent Intense Color: Achieve vibrant, long-lasting color with our unique blend of cosmetic ingredients, Provitamin B5, and ionic pigments, delivering intense color, care, and shine.

  • Instant Hair Coloring with Nourishing Treatment: Enjoy instant hair coloring results coupled with a nourishing treatment, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier than ever.

  • Easy Application: Simply towel dry or apply to dry hair, leave to process for the recommended time, then rinse thoroughly and style as desired for effortlessly beautiful hair.

  • Longevity: Depending on factors like base color, hair porosity, and processing time, NUTRI COLOR Creme can last up to 8 shampoos, ensuring prolonged color vibrancy.

  • Customizable Processing Time: Tailor your coloring experience to your specific needs, whether you're looking to refresh your existing color, experiment with vibrant fashion tones, or neutralize warm tones and enhance cool blondes.

  • Versatile Processing Times: Achieve your desired results with varying processing times:

    • Color refresh: 3 minutes
    • Vibrant fashion tones: 15 minutes
    • Pastel fashion tones: 15 minutes
    • Neutralizing warm tones & cool blondes: 3 - 15 minutes
    • Gloss/Shine: 3 minutes

Discover the power of NUTRI COLOR Creme for vibrant, healthy, and toned hair with every application.

Towel dry/ Dry hair
Leave to process.
Rinse thoroughly and style hair as desired.

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