PP Graphene Schumann Neck Wrap
PP Graphene Schumann Neck Wrap
PP Graphene Schumann Neck Wrap
PP Graphene Schumann Neck Wrap

PP Graphene Schumann Neck Wrap

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PP Medical grade Schumann Neck Wrap, enhanced with Schumann Technology for optimal comfort and relief.

What's Schumann Technology?

In 1954, German physicist 'Winfried Otto Schumann' introduced the concept of "Schumann Wave" (舒曼波). This natural signal, with a frequency of about 8Hz, resonates within the Earth's atmosphere. Human cavities resonate within the same frequency range, including the brain's alpha waves. This resonance promotes physical and mental stability, facilitating good quality sleep.

Do you experience:

  • Low temperature chills
  • Autonomic nervous system issues
  • Chronic inflammation

Benefits and Effectiveness:

  • Reduces aching necks or strained shoulders
  • Alleviates pain or dullness from your neck, shoulder blades to your cervical spine
  • Enjoy heated neck therapy for stiff and sore necks, whether at the office, home, or during long-haul flights
  • No power supply or charging required
  • Restores aging and damaged blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow and flow rate, keeping the body warm

Experience the soothing relief and rejuvenating benefits of our Schumann Neck Wrap.

Outer Fabric: Polyester Fibre 100%, Inner Layer: Polyester Fibre (contains graphene) 100%, Underneath Layer: Polyester Fibre (contains graphene) 100%

Free Size (76cm x 16cm)

Washing Guide
- Avoid using strong laundry detergent, bleach, laundry pod and softener. (We recommend using PP Laundry detergent)
- Hang to dry after washing.
- Avoid direct sunlight when drying.
- Do not iron.
- Do not dry clean.

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