PP Graphene Hido Foot Mask
PP Graphene Hido Foot Mask
PP Graphene Hido Foot Mask
PP Graphene Hido Foot Mask

PP Graphene Hido Foot Mask

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Pamper yourself with the luxurious Hido Foot Mask for an indulgent foot spa experience.

Featuring four essential ingredients for maintaining healthy feet:

Diamond Peptide:

  • Protects your skin with the power of diamonds
  • Forms a flawless skin defense shield

Provitamin B5:

  • Rapidly absorbs small molecules for effortless moisturization
  • Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin

Aloe Vera Extract:

  • Enhances skin radiance and elasticity
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism and revitalizes collagen function

Lactic Acid:

  • Softens skin texture effortlessly
  • Accelerates metabolic processes for firmer and smoother skin

Experience the remarkable transformation of your skin to a crystal-clear state with the Hido Foot Mask.

Graphene foot pads

Water/Alcohol/Lactic Acid/Propylene Glycol/PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil/Butylene Glycol/Glycolic Acid/Methyl Gluceth-20/Pan-thenol/Potassium Hydroxide/Sodium lactate/Fragrance/Aloe Bar-badensis Leaf Extract/Xanthan Gum/Benzy| Alcohol/Glyceryl cap rylate/Benzoic Acid/Propanediol/Diamond Powder/Acetyl Sh-pen-tapeptide-35

2 pairs/box

1. Wash and dry your feet. Remove the product from the aluminum foil bag.

2. Put on the foot mask and gently press it against your feet.

3. For the first use, leave it on for 90 minutes. For subsequent uses, leave it on for 60 minutes. Remove the foot mask and dry your feet with a towel.

4. Rinse with cold water. Avoid hot water to prevent skin irritation.

5. Use lotion on your feet in the morning and evening the next day. Continue use for a week to protect and moisturize your skin.

6. Regular use of this foot mask helps renew dead skin cells on the soles of your feet.

7. Recommended usage cycle: Initially, use once every 4 weeks. Then, every 3 weeks. For optimal results, complete 6 cycles.

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