Ivenor PP SO Spray Twin Bundle
Ivenor PP SO Spray Twin Bundle
Ivenor PP SO Spray Twin Bundle
Ivenor PP SO Spray Twin Bundle

Ivenor PP SO Spray Twin Bundle

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Spray before meals to break down fats in just 4 hours! Our innovative formula dissolves under the tongue for rapid absorption in seconds.

✅ Reduces blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, weight, and body fats

✅ Features patented fat-shredding technology

✅ Breaks down fats in just 4 hours

✅ Increases body metabolism

✅ Relieves constipation and promotes regular bowel movements

⭐ Take 2 sprays before each meal (2 meals) daily ⭐

  • Completes metabolism in 8 hours (thanks to patented fat-breaking technology)

  • Spray under the tongue for rapid absorption (absorbed by the body in 5 seconds, distributed throughout the body in 20 seconds)

  • Shrinks the size of fat cells (exits the body within 12 hours)

⭐⭐ Key Ingredients ⭐⭐

  1. Aronia berry extract: Reduces three highs, body weight, and body fats.

  2. Patented citrus guarana extract: Breaks down large fat cells into smaller ones for faster elimination.

  3. Morocco Blood orange: Increases fat metabolism in the body.

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Ebony juice concentrate (black plum juice (water, ebony, mountain hawthorn, roselle, tangerine peel, licorice) sugar, spices, citric acid) Pure water, Wangjiangnan extract (Wangjiangnan extract, pure water) Morocco Blood orange extract (sweet orange extract, maltodextrin) Aronia extract (Aronia berry extract, maltodextrin), a-glycosylated hesperidin (a-glycosylated hesperidin, dextrin) Complex citrus guarana extract (Grapefruit extract, Maltodextrin, Guarana Extract, Sweet Orange Extract, Blood Orange Extract), Potassium Hexadienoate (Preservative).

15ml x 2 boxes

Spray twice under the tongue, two times per day, before breakfast and dinner.

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