Histomer Vitamin C Day Cream

Histomer Vitamin C Day Cream

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This Vitamin C day cream offers a comprehensive array of anti-aging benefits, including lifting, pigmentation lightening, and boosting immune defenses against cutaneous stress. Despite being labeled as a day cream, we recommend using it as a night-time moisturizer due to our local climate.

This valuable formula not only evens out skin tone but also restores its radiance and smoothness. Collagen fibers are strengthened to minimize mimic wrinkles. With the inclusion of Native Vitamin C complex and Buddley stem cells, oxidative stress is alleviated, collagen fibers are tightened, and signs of photoaging are diminished.

Through consistent daily use, mimic wrinkles are smoothed away, leaving the skin filled with elasticity and a healthy glow.

Native Vitamin C Complex (Ascorbic and Ellagic Acids) Buddley stem cells, Shea Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate Troxerutin, lecithin


Use nightly as the last step of your night skin care routine

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