Histomer Vitamin C Beauty Pearl

Histomer Vitamin C Beauty Pearl

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Experience intense recovery with our Beauty Pearls Concentrate Capsules, packed with a potent native form of vitamin C. Specifically formulated to target the most vulnerable areas of your face—where wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin are prominent. Each capsule encapsulates 11.5% of the Native Vitamin C complex within a vegetable gelatin shell. The high concentration ensures an intensive restoration, while the silicone matrix facilitates a gradual release over 3–4 hours for optimal efficiency.

Active ingredients:

  • Native Vitamin C Complex (Ascorbic and Ellagic Acids)
  • Silicone matrix
  • Peptides - collagen boosters (pentapeptide-8, tetrapeptide-8)
  • Vitamin E

Native Vitamin C Complex (Ascorbic and Ellagic Acids), Silicone matrix, Peptides - collagen boosters (pentapeptide-8, tetrapeptide-8), Vitamin E

30 x 1ml (capsules)

Open one monodose and apply the concentrate on the most damaged areas of the skin.It is recommended to apply a mono dose primarily on the area of ​​​​wrinkles, "dark" stained hyperpigmentation and areas of weakening and sagging of the skin.

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