Histomer Hisiris Whenever Gel Mask

Histomer Hisiris Whenever Gel Mask

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This innovative gel mask provides instant relief from redness, irritation, itchiness, and tightness. Its special calming components quickly address skin issues, leaving a virtually imperceptible gel texture that absorbs over time. The blend of soothing ingredients works wonders to reduce redness, itching, and tension without clogging pores or affecting the skin's ability to breathe.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant Relief: Quickly calms redness, irritation, itchiness, and tightness.
  • Calming Ingredients: Soothes redness and itching effectively.
  • Non-Clogging: Maintains skin's breathability without clogging pores.
  • Gentle Yet Powerful: Ideal for reducing inflammation and restoring the skin's natural balance.
  • Long-Term Relief: Provides sustained comfort and relief from skin discomfort.

This gel mask is perfect for those seeking long-term relief from redness, itching, and discomfort while maintaining a balanced, breathable skin texture.

Tetrapeptide-15, Boswellia Serrata, Syringa Vulgaris, Anogeissus Leiocarpus


1. Cleanse: Thoroughly clean your skin and dry your face.
2. Apply: Apply a very thin layer of gel evenly across your face.
3. No Massage Needed: There is no need to massage the gel into the skin.
4. Let It Work: Allow the mask to work for at least half an hour or until it is completely absorbed.
5. No Rinsing Required: There is no need to rinse off the mask.

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