Histomer H4 Regenerating Kit

Histomer H4 Regenerating Kit

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Introducing our Body Regenerating Kit, featuring the New Skin Body Scrub and Firming Body Cream. The scrub formula initiates deep tissue renewal, gently softening the skin and enhancing its receptiveness to active ingredients for deeper penetration. Alongside exfoliation, it triggers potent detox and regenerative actions, neutralizing free radicals and harmful substances accumulated in the skin.

Body scrub: sea salt, cane sugar, Marrubium stem cells, Cardoon oil and vitamins C and E. Firming body cream: vitamin E, amino acid lysine, artichoke oil, jojoba, extracts of milk thistle and African birch, ellagic acid, gardenia stem cells, shandra, centella, lilac, phosphotidylcholine, stabilized vitamin C, coenzyme Q10

200ml + 250ml

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