Histomer H4 Pro Tensive Body Gel

Histomer H4 Pro Tensive Body Gel

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Introducing PRO TENSIVE Body Lifting Gel

This formula is designed to revitalize skin structure and rejuvenate sagging skin, particularly in challenging areas like inner hands and thighs.

It restores skin elasticity by enhancing enzymatic mechanisms, promoting self-regeneration of damaged tissues.

Key Ingredients:

  • Asian and Hospital Zamsminida Cellula Stem Cells: Boost tissue regeneration.
  • Wild and Ordinary Syrenium Stem Cells: Counteract environmental stress and pollution.
  • Manilkara Leaf Extract: Stimulates structural protein synthesis.
  • Plus: Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Silicon, Coenzyme Q10.

stem cells of gardenia, shandra, centella, lilac, leaf extract manilka, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, silicon, coenzyme Q10.


Massage gently onto clean skin for 2-3 minutes daily, focusing on inner hands. For optimal results, prepare the skin with H4 NEW SKIN BODY SCRUB before initial use and every 7-10 days thereafter.

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