Histomer Green Age Dermal Cream

Histomer Green Age Dermal Cream

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Combat acne effectively with our purifying and soothing face cream, meticulously crafted to implement a comprehensive anti-acne regimen. This advanced formulation harnesses the power of botanical stem cells, organic acids, silver, and zinc salts to provide ultimate acne-fighting benefits.

Five different approaches to solving the problem of acne combined into one complex:

  • Almond and citric acids prevent sebaceous gland blockage and comedone formation through keratolytic action.
  • Lilac stem cells regulate sebum production, promoting balanced oil levels.
  • Centella stem cells strengthen the skin barrier, preventing the spread of infection and rupture of purulent sacs.
  • Silver salts inhibit the proliferation of P. Acnes bacteria, reducing acne formation.
  • Zinc salts prevent post-inflammatory scarring, minimizing the risk of scars after acne inflammation.


Active Ingredients:
cocoglycerides, zinc acetate, almond and citric acid, centella and lilac stem cells, willow bark extract, Irish moss powder Hondrus, silver, photofilter triazone.

Mandelic Acid, Syringa Vulgaris Stem Cells, Centella Asiatica Stem Cells, Silver Salts


Applied in both morning and evening care.

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