Lamellar Mode Precare Essence & Water C


  • This is a unique essence that you need to dissolve freeze-dried “Faith Fresh Collagen” in a special water containing vitamin C glycoside.
  • Vitamin C glycoside and active ingredients are enclosed in the “Faith Fresh Collagen”. These ingredients help strengthening the skin foundation by thoroughly penetrating deep within.
  • Multifaceted actions on the stratum corneum and deep in the skin creates beautifully clear skin.
  • Suppresses active oxygen generated in the body caused by UV rays and other causes and prevents skin inflammation.
  • Reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles due to dryness (based on efficacy test results conducted by an external laboratory).


Essence x 3
Water x 3



Recommended amount: Small amount (dime-sized)
In the morning or at night, after washing your face or applying a face pack, squeeze a small amount onto your palm, spread it quickly over your entire face, and press in gently to blend it into your skin. Skin smoothness signals that the essence has permeated your skin. Layer on in worrisome spots.

Storage advice

  • To retain the natural properties of fresh collagen and its hydrating power, always refrigerate after dissolving below 20ºC . Use soon after dissolving.
  • Do not open the pointed nozzle or rubber stopper on the bottle that contains pre-dissolution essence unless dissolving.
  • After removing the rubber stopper, add the full amount of the water in the bottle. If time passes after removing the stopper, the essence will not dissolve easily after adding the water from the bottle. It may dissolve less easily depending on the environment, for example in certain seasons or temperatures; this does not indicate a problem in quality.
  • Shake well and dissolve completely before use. When using, shake well before each use.
  • Essence is in a glass bottle; take special care when handling.
  • Close the cap tightly after use for storage.
  • The above is a recommended amount. Adjust for each skin condition.


Faith Fresh Collagen, Vitamin C Glycoside, Nephelium Longana Seed Extract, Meadowsweet, Royal Jelly Extract


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