AT System Skin Moist


Milky lotion for sensitive skin.

This moisturizing emulsion supplements moisture content and lipids which are essential to your skin to retain moisture in an adequate balance. It gives no sticky feeling to use but moistens. It prevents skin from dehydration and roughness, and makes it soft. Moisturizing ingredients including Sphingomonas ferment extract, Soybean fermentation extract, and Hyaluronic acid Na increase amount of water content contained in the corneum. It can be used for body as well.




After cleansing the skin, dispense a moderate amount on your palm, then blend and massage gently into your face and body. If you are concerned about the dryness of your skin, apply it several times.

Amino Acid Phytoester, Soybean Fermentation Extract, Bio Ceramides (Sphingomonas Ferment Extract), Perilla Extract, Hyaluronic Acid Na


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